I'm 12 years old and what is this

I don't even want to go into detail on what IRC is, Wikipedia will do that for me. Suffice to say that you're about to enter one chatroom on entire networks of chatrooms - #enchantedbros on Rizon isn't the only one you could join. People who use IRC often usually do it with standalone programs such as mIRC instead of webchats that run on your browser, but both connect to the same servers and channels. You don't have to care.

Shoot the cyberdemon until it dies

#EnchantedBros doesn't really have any real rules, but there are some specific ways on how people should behave on IRC. Here's a couple of protips:

  • Don't joinquit. If you need to go through the trouble of joining, don't just quit a few minutes, let alone seconds, later. It's annoying.
  • Don't spam. A few lines of "Hello? Anyone?" isn't going to do you any good. If nobody responds, it's because they didn't check the channel yet, not because they can't "hear" you unless you say the same things over and over again. It's just words on a screen.
  • Be patient. I can't stress this enough: Don't quit after 5 minutes if you ask something and nobody answers. Wait at least 20 minutes. People aren't constantly on, or just watching the channel at the time. It's usually quiet during EU daytime / US morning, activity starts later in the evening.
  • Obey the op. This is optional of course, but the guys with stars or @ or whatever have the power to kick and ban you. Don't tell them to "deal w/ it" because they prefer to deal with you instead.

Gimmicks are dumb, I should be banned

In addition to the general howto when using IRC, you would do well to note this about #EnchantedBros in particular:

  • Don't use colored text. Osaka thinks it looks retarded and distracting.
  • Avoid sending PMs. Nobody cares.
  • Don't be stupid. If you're being annoying, you'll most probably be ridiculed and trolled. Hope you realize many of us are 20-something nerds who know the internet, so it may or may not be smart to open every link you see posted. God help you if you're furry and want everyone to know.
  • Strong language lol. Don't be surprised if the discussion isn't kid-friendly.

Terms of use

  1. 1. I read most of that
  2. 2. I am not retarded

I have read, understand and accept these Terms of Use.